Peaceful Projects for a Busy Season

School is starting, the seasons are changing and the holidays are fast approaching. Fall is the time of transition and with that it can bring us change both good and at times stressful.

During these times of change, we need projects that bring us peace and calm during our limited down time. We’ve combed Ravelry for the best projects to begin to bring you peace as you get used to the new season.


Little Summer Shawl by Michelle Krause–This gorgeous shawl is a lovely combination of garter and lace making it both easy to follow and interesting enough to keep your attention. Knit with just one skein of sock yarn this project will keep you company between events or during meetings. Not only will this piece bring you a taste of calm while in progress, it will keep you cozy once it is complete as the season moves on into chilly mornings and evenings.



Tamarugo by Anna Hintikka–Hats always seem to bring me a little comfort. They are quick, they are portable, they are a canvas to try new stitches. Then once they are complete they bring you a little more coziness. The interesting stitch pattern on this hat is meditative and produces a clean and modern result.




Bella Vita Shawl by Wilma Westenberg— The power of this simple crocheted shawl lies in the colors you select for it. With a uncomplicated stitch pattern you can easily use colors that best suit you and your style. With room to edit a piece to match your personal flavor you can create something that truly represents you or the intended recipient, and isn’t that what making something by hand is all about?


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