The Quest for the Perfect Hat

Fall Collections are being released left and right now that September is drawing to a close. That means new garments and accessories are showing up everywhere! This is an exciting time to be a yarn lover because the amount of inspiration is limitless.

Every fall I comb these new collections and trending Ravelry patterns in search of one thing: The Perfect Hat. Of course I know that The Perfect Hat is an unobtainable object since style, color and stitch trends are always changing but searching for that perfect hat pattern gives me a goal when sifting through those collections and Ravelry pages. I know what I’m looking for, yet I’ll know it when I see it. Besides, a hat is an essential piece of every Front Ranger’s wardrobe. I even carry one with me in the summer months because you never know when or how the weather will change.

Here’s a roundup of some of the top contenders for this Fall’s search for the perfect hat. Links to the patterns are located below the gallery. Make sure to click through and view the rest of the collections or designer’s work to gather some extra inspiration.

Cumberland Slouch Hat

Boho Pom Hat

Savanna Slouch

Honey Hat




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