A Colorful Moment

The last few months have brought the release and arrival of several new books that focus on color work in both new and traditional techniques. Color work is the technique in which you are using multiple colors in one row of knitting in order to create a pattern or image in the fabric.

These books cover their selected facets of the technique extensively and are full of inspiration. Grab one or all for a bit of evening reading and stitching!

The Traditional Angle:

Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions by Donna Druchunas and June L. Hall–In this volume, Druchunas and Hall explore the knitting culture of Lithuania and walk the reader though the historical significance of stitching in this often forgotten country. Traditional knitting is prevalent in many cultures and countries especially those with a brisk climate, so this book a terrific introduction into Lithuania’s rich fiber history. As an added bonus it features 14 mitten and glove patterns, 10 sock patterns and 3 wrist warmer patters as well as a thorough description of the Lithuanian techniques for knitting these three categories of items.

The Combination Angle:

The Joy of Color by Janine Bajus–This bright book melds traditional technique with modern sensibilities. For new age color-workers this book is a great base for growing color skills both in the actual knitting and the plotting of color and motif. The book is based off of a multi-day color work workshop so it contains some incredible encouragement, tidbits and plain and simple technique that just can’t be missed.

The Modern Angle:

The Alterknit Stitch Dictionary by Andrea Rangel–Rangel’s book is a whole new take on color knitting. It offers 200 motifs that are reminiscent of modern life in both image, pattern and geometry. From sheep to bicycles to cupcakes to flowing line designs, you can easily use these motifs to make a standout garment or accessory. In fact, Rangel makes it easy to do so with several template patterns that can have their motifs swapped out for another with ease. Make a yoked pullover that sports skulls or bees or a cowl that can be adorned with sheep faces or curving lines.


All three of these books are available in store! Stop by or give us a call to reserve your copies today.


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