Wovember in Wyoming

Today marks the first day of Wovember, a month long celebration of wool that takes place through the month of November(Wool+November=Wovember). This event is an opportunity to explore, understand and share the amazing qualities of wool with your colleagues.

Here at Cowgirl Yarn, we choose wool every day. Wool is a fiber that is resilient, a player in our local economy and is overwhelmingly the right choice for sweaters and accessories that will last for years in the harsh Wyoming weather. That being said we often encounter folks who have not heard of or experienced the positive attributes of wool and ask what makes it so special. This is a sign that the wool education process must continue!

We will be taking part in the Wovember challenge this month on Instagram. It features a different topic every day in relation to wool and our experiences from it in order to help spread the wool-y love as far as we can! If you would like to join in on the fun, the topics are to the right.

You can read the many posts on the Wovember blog all through this month at wovember.com. This year they are focusing on supporter’s stories on how wool has helped or shaped their life with the topic “Where Wool Meets Wellness.”

One thought on “Wovember in Wyoming

  1. Mary

    Not sure where to comment regarding the “label giveaway” so hoping that this qualifies.
    Favorite wool / fiber is Mountain Meadows from the Buffalo/Sheridan area. I’m not as familiar with as many Wyoming products as I should be, but MM operations are just over the mountain from where I grew up.
    Thank you for the opportunity, Mary

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