Whip It Up!

Lots of knitters/crocheters/weavers/felters and makers in general get a lot of requests from folks to just whip them up something special. While we are a giving group of people, handmade gifts take time and preparation but with the holiday season approaching the urge to oblige those requests becomes to strong to ignore.

Below are a few suggestions of gifts you can whip up in a short amount of time so you can please all of the people on your list!

When you have 3 weeks to make a gift:

Getting Warmer Cowl by Espace Tricot-While this requires a bit of knitting, using a luxurious yarn and larger sized needles will make it fly by!

Cuddler Cocoon Cardigan by Ashleigh Kaiser-Ok, I know it says cardigan, but trust me this is a fast project. With super bulky yarn and a huge hook you’ll have a gift ready that you won’t want to part with.

When you have 2 weeks to make a gift:
Kallik Scarf by Amy Christoffers-Knit at a mega bulky gauge this snuggle-y scarf would warm any recipients heart.

Malia Buttoned Cowl by Rebecca Langford-This trendy cowl shape combines squishy stitches with fun fringe!


When you have 1 week to make a gift: 
The Cadiz Hat by Thea Colman-This hat can be knit in a multitude of color combinations to suit just about everyone who requests one.

Slipper Boots by Erika Knight-Slippers are a must and these classic slippers will keep the toes of your loved ones warm all winter long.


When you have 3 days to make a gift:
Campout Fingerless Mitts by tante ehm-These mitts can be made in a myriad of colors making them the perfect quick knit and appreciated gift

Bailey Slouchy Hat by Si Nanay Madel-Combine some fun colors to suit your recipient! This great texture will make a warm beanie that is sure to be loved.

When you have 1 day or less to make a gift:
The Lola Headwrap by BeeHumble Crochet-Who doesn’t need a fresh and trendy ear warmer at this time of year?

Bulky Mobius Cowl by Hayley Waxberg-This cowl only uses 90 yards of yarn so it will be knit in a flash!

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