To be together we must move forward together!

To be together we must move forward together!

Lori Kirk

In-person interactions are the lifeblood of Cowgirl Yarn. We aren't just a yarn shop: We offer in-person classes, give free help with fiber projects in the store, provide a place for friends to work on fiber projects together, and support a community of Fiber Lovers, young and old, to stop in and just say hello! From our mailperson to our customer traveling through Laramie, we all rely on each other--it's "the Golden Rule", 101. This is why at Cowgirl Yarn, in the midst of the Omicron variant, we are taking all measures to ensure that our customers, our staff, and our neighbors can be here at the store; our hub for this amazing fiber community who we love and care about!

The past two years have been so difficult, and I am glad to say I am still in business. That is not the case with other local yarn stores or locally owed small business in our area. Thank you for your continued support and shopping at Cowgirl Yarn. I would not still be in business if it was not for you. I am sad that many customers no longer shop here because we require masks. Please know, without any political or social motivation, that I truly just want to make sure that everyone who comes into the shop can do so as safely as we know how for all of our customers and staff. I made a decision that I am comfortable with and hope that you will support that decision. Furthermore, all of the staff and teachers at Cowgirl Yarn are vaccinated.

We really miss seeing some of our older customers and those folks with health complications who used to frequent the shop prior to COVID. We get it, a simple trip to the grocery store could be putting their health at risk.

The kind of place we want to embody here at the store is one where young and old can see each other with all protective measures on board to allow EVERYONE older and younger hands togetherthe freedom to participate in this fiber community again. 

We continue to provide home delivery and curbside pick-up options to all  customers, but we so wish to be able to spend time with home-bound folks soon! We are still opening up the store for special hours for those that are high risk. Just let us know and we will open the shop just for you!

With Omicron, Wyoming numbers have been high. At Cowgirl Yarn, we stand united to keep our doors open. To do this, we must continue to act according to CDC guidelines to protect our staff and customers: Mask ourselves to limit the spread of COVID-19, vaccinate and boost our immune systems, stay home if you feel ill, continued hand hygiene, and social distancing. 

We must all try to get through this continued pandemic together, with consideration and kindness to others. It is elemental. It is the Golden Rule we all grew up with, only we have this virus as a third member of the rule: I don't want to get COVID from you, so I act as I want you to treat me during this pandemic. 

  • By getting vaccinated, I protect myself from more serious illness and reduce transmissibility of COVID-19 to you.
  • By masking, I protect you in case I'm an asymptomatic carrier. I also protect myself if others around me wear a mask too.
  • By masking and vaccinating myself, I can continue to see the members of my Cowgirl Yarn Commu-knitty that I love right here in Laramie, WY!

That is why we will continue to require masks for everyone in the store. Please keep our community in mind and continue to wear an appropriate mask covering your nose and mouth. We all get forgetful sometimes, and this is why we still offer free masks at the front door.

To ensure that we can have fun and in-person classes at the store, please make sure that you can show proof of vaccination when you sign up. All class participants will be expected to wear a mask for the duration of the class until further notice.

With well wishes and love,

Cowgirl Yarn

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