Color Works for Spinners DVD


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Simple tools and tricks for making the most beautiful colors in the world. Learn simple tricks to create your own unique fiber colors. Theres magic in color, but creating wonderful color for spinning and felting is what you might call practical magic.

Start with colored fiber natural or dyed. Add a blending tool (a drum carder is Deb's choice). Mix and play using some simple, basic color principles and theres no limit to the possibilities.

With Deb's relaxed, enthusiastic guidance, you'll learn:
  • Basic blending techniques
  • The language of color, which is the key to successful blending
  • Working with hue, value, and saturation
  • A down to earth approach to almost perfect color matching
  • Working with color harmonies
  • Combining multiple blended batts
  • And much more.
Watching the colors roll off Debs drum carder is endlessly fascinating, and every new exercise suggests a hundred more that you ll want to try for yourself. It's an endless adventure.