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Steeking Demo and Q&A Saturday 11/2 1-2:30pm

Steeking is the process of cutting your knitted pieces to create an opening or create shaping. This is most often used when making a color work cardigan or piece that needs to be knit in the round but used flat (cardigans, coasters, blankets, shawls)

Taking a pair of scissors to your knitting is something that makes knitters gasp in fear but cutting your knitting can be a liberating and exciting skill to know! 

In this demonstration you will observe two different methods of steek stabilization and the steeking of an adult sized sweater. You will also receive a pattern for a steeked coaster to practice your new skills at home. 

Meeting: Saturday 11/2 1-2:30pm

Homework: None, bring your questions! 

Materials: Pencil and paper for notes if you wish to take any 

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