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Swatching Basics--Demo and Q&A 10/26 10:30am-12pm

Swatching is known as the knitter's frenemy. If you have never swatched, don't know what it is, have avoided knitting fitted garments because swatching or getting gauge seems intimidating, you need this class! 

These little gauge tester squares can tell you a lot about a project, the yarn you have selected, the needles you are using, your natural gauge and so much more. This invaluable technique is something you need to be comfortable with if you plan on making garments that fit!

In this class, you will feel and interact with several swatch types in several different fibers. We will also discuss the process in which you should approach specific a garment project and the swatch preparation that must happen before you cast on your project. Feel free to bring a pattern or project with you that you have questions about! 

Fee: 25$

Materials: any project/pattern/current swatch you have a question about, pencil, paper 

Meeting: Saturday October 26 10:30am-12pm

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