Windy Woolery Sheep Shawl Pins and Magnets


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Located near Laramie, WY- Windy Woolery is home to a fantastic flock of fun and eclectic sheep! Each pin or magnet is lovingly needle felted from the sheep's wool in their likeness. These charming, one of a kind shawl pins and magnets feature Southdown wool and wooden laser cut accents, all handmade by Alison.

Meet the Sheep!

Lug is a four-year-old, Babydoll Southdown ram always on the go...unless you happen to scratch his back! Feeding time is his favorite time, but he's happy to see what you are up to around the place any other time of day. Mind your toes because this big boy forgets about them if you have a little grain. He doesn't mean to--he's just a big lug!

Violet is a sweet Babydoll Southdown girl always looking for a treat. She produces beautiful lambs and has a fleece that spinners dream of! Her inquisitive eye and ability to keep the rest of the girls in line make her stand out at the top of the herd. She'll steal your heart with her soft wool, gentle approach, and inner perseverance!