Bohin Curiosity Cabinet Tape Measure - Assorted


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Automatic tape measure with automatic pocket rewinders. 60". 'Room of wonders' collection includes Lynx, Owl, Tiger, and Squirrel. "Nestled in the heart of the Ouche country, for nearly 200 years, there is a historic place: The BOHIN Manufacture, full of mysteries, full of well-kept treasures and unique personalities. These inspired each fictional character in the new collection "Room of wonders". Everyone, like a true alchemist, strives to make the name and magic of the BOHIN House flourish, and has its own symbol. They borrow their features from the ancient engravings, mixed with the current colors. We offer you an authentic collection designed by BOHIN.

Retractable coiled tape measure (by simply pressing the side button): -Ribbon length: 60" -Graduations scale : centimeters and inches. -Ribbon width: 1/4"

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