Card Weaving


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With nothing more than some strands of yarn and a few simple cards with holes in them, you can easily weave fabrics of great complexity and beauty. No loom is required, and no tedious picking out of patterns by hand. This ingenious systerm of weaving dates back to ancient Egypt, China, and Russia; remnants of prehistoric card-woven fabrics have been found in Pharaohs' tombs and Bronze Age bogs. Contemporary weavers use the technique to produce belts and bands, decorative trims, bags, wearable art, sculptural pieces, and wall hangings using sturdy woolen yarns, sleek cottons and linens, or the finest silks. The author begins Card Weaving with a fascinating historical overview, then introduces the materials and techniques of the craft. Next, she takes the reader step by step through the basic process, including how to thread the cards and set them up for weaving, and how to turn them to produce patterns. The next chapters deal with the most exciting aspect of card weaving- designing and drafting original patterns. The range of patterns is almost unlimited, and creating them is deceptively simple. Bold geometrics, intricate freeform designs, pictorial motifs, even names and initials can be planned with nothing more than a pencil and graph paper. Each chapter includes a wealth of finished card weavings, both ancient and modern. More than a score of pattern drafts are provided. A complete bibliography and glossary, plus a suppliers list, round out this information. 


Author: Crockett
Cover: Soft
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.4 x 0.4 x 10.9 inches