Knitting Wraps in the Round : 21 Inspired Shawls, Scarves, and Stoles


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Save yourself some purl rows and knit your wraps in the round!

When working most traditional shawl patterns in rows, you work a “pattern” row, and then turn and purl the wrong side. But by knitting your shawls and scarves in the round, you are always knitting on the right side, so it is easy to work beautiful stranded, lace, texture, and even brioche patterns. Plus, it's so fast to keep knitting with no turning!

Once you’ve finished knitting your shawl, you then cut through the extra stitches included in each pattern (known as steek stitches). Hem with simple hand or machine sewing, and your wrap is ready to wear! Author Andrea Brauneis explains the process in detail, and the extra stitches and instructions are included in each pattern, making it easy to work these 21 gorgeous scarf and wrap patterns even if it’s your first time trying this technique. And once you try it, you’ll want to knit all your wraps around and around!