Lang Fatto A Mano 274 Collection


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Lang Yarns Fatto a Mano No. 274 Collection - The latest Lang Yarns magazine is once again packed with the loveliest knitting patterns to create something new at the change of seasons, AND invites you to relive the eighties. Timeless Journey is about timeless fashion for women - well-designed styles that simply last longer. The book's focus is on high quality, modern yarns and designs that are based on the latest fashion trends.  Rediscover the classics, but also some fantastic and fabulous new designs. In this color, photographic book, see the most beautiful, most natural fibres in the Fatto A Mano collection: Yak, Cashmere Premium, Merino and Alpaca. In addition to wonderful glitter yarns, there is a new yarn called Delizio that, as the name suggests, is truly heavenly.