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Liz Gipson Color Work Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom--August 10 10am-4pm

Workshop Details

Ready to branch out from solid-colored warps? Learn a few fundamental techniques for combining colors in warp and weft using the direct warping method. Student will learn a variation of the direct warping method, be introduced to the magic of color-and-weave, and learn how to manage multiple shuttles. This worksop is for the advanced beginner. Student should have warped their loom on their own and woven a couple of projects. 
Yarn: Two contrasting colors of DK-weight or worsted-weight yarn of at least 225 yards each. A quick way to see if the yarns have enough contrast from each other is to twist them together.

Supplies: a rigid-heddle loom with at least an 8'' weaving width, an 8-dent rigid heddle, warping peg and clamps, threading hook, and 2 or 3 shuttles. 

Once you have registered we will send you the yarn requirements and homework instructions for the workshop. 

Attendees to the Color Work workshop will receive complementary entry to Liz's evening Swatch lecture/discussion! 

Workshop will be August 10 10am-4pm


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