Ne'er-Do-Well Knits


Sold Out

Author: Hunter Hammersen

You can't be good all the time. It would be exhausting. Worse yet, it would be boring. I firmly believe we all need to make a little trouble from time to time. But just because you're up to no good doesn't mean you don t want to look great.

Whether you're taking a walk on the wrong side of the tracks, persuading that lock to click open, clambering in through a conveniently open window, or just stirring up mischief, these six patterns (three socks, two mitts, and a hat) will make sure you're doing it in style. And if pulling out your knitting happens to make you look innocent and unassuming to any members of the local constabulary who might come strolling by in the middle of your adventures well, that's just an added bonus!