Rainbow Crocheted Blankets


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Amanda Perkins' bold and inspiring use of color and pattern gives stunning results that are deceptively easy to achieve. This colorful book contains illustrated block-by-block guides to creating ten stunning blankets, with color variations providing twenty further creations. Each of the ten blankets is constructed from a series of simple motifs, including squares, hexagons and triangles: creating a large and sumptuous blanket is simply a matter of piecing together colorful motifs into wonderful arrangements.

The book contains basic instruction on yarns and hooks, explains how to join motifs and sew in ends, and provides a brief guide to using color. For each blanket there is an index of motifs used, accompanied by the instructions for how to make them: both in written form and as a chart. The blocks include a range of shapes and are accompanied by the 'fillers' needed to fill the gaps between them. Each project has a full color chart, and takes the reader block by block through the entire construction process.