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Swatching For Weavers with Liz Gipson--August 10 5-6pm

Join Liz Gipson for a crash course in why weavers should swatch for projects before diving in! This short program is a great way to pick up some pearls of weaving wisdom from the rigid heddle weaving master herself. 

"Have you had an idea, headed to the loom, and then halfway through through your brilliant idea, think, “oh, this isn’t what I had in mind at all.” Swatching allows you to get to that knowledge quicker. By weaving a small swatch you can see if a given yarn will substitute well for another, if you like your color choices, or if your sett choice is right. Liz will discus her methods for swatching, its limitations, and when she decides to swatch and when she decides to skip it. " --Liz Gipson

Bring your questions and something to write the answers down with you to this class as I'm sure Liz will be able to answer them all! 

Note: If you attend the day Color Workshop with Liz, entry into this workshop is complementary. 

Workshop will take place August 10 5-6pm

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