Sweater Design In Plain English


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If you are tired of making sweaters with sleeves that are the wrong length, necklines that droop, armholes that are too tight, and an overall look that's not quite right, then let Seater Design in Plain English come to your rescue. In clear, straightforward terms, Maggie Righettie shares her knitting know-how and good fashion sense so that, no matter what your knitting level, you can overcome the fear of failure, avoid costly mistakes, adapt already-existing patterns, and plan and create sweaters that really fit and look terrific-sweaters that will be worn for many years to come. Topics and techniques include:

  • Understanding the nature of yarn and pattern stitches
  • Choosing the most flattering color and design for the wearer
  • Taking accurate body measurements
  • Estimating the amount of yarn you'll need
  • How to tell whether or not a sweater will look good on you-before you start to knit
  • How to alter printed patterns so they really fit
  • How to understand the mathematics of gauge and pattern design
  • Plus start-to-finish instructions for thirteen classic sweaters

Each technique is illustrated with clear diagrams, sketches, or photographs. Complete with conversion charts and a personal-measurements record-keeping section, Sweater Design in Plain English takes the guesswork out of every creative knitting effort.