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Get your orders in for the next destination in the WanderKnit series! This quarter, you will be traveling to Alaska!

What is WanderKnit™?

WanderKnit is a destination-themed knitting package, inspired by locations around the globe. Knitters will have a chance to learn a bit about each destination, while being treated to location-inspired patterns and surprises along the way. There will be new destinations each quarter, watch for where we'll travel next! Each destination will have a representative button which can be sewn onto your WanderKnit tote, much like a pin in a map!

The WanderKnit™ journey continues with a trip through the coastal glaciers, towering mountain ranges, and frozen tundra of Alaska! This new WanderKnit™ package will include patterns and surprises inspired by the wildlife and wild frontier of the 49th state. 

Kits are limited, and the patterns are only available through the kits!

Tell me about the WanderKnit™ Alaska designs!

Stay warm through the perma-dusk of Alaskan winters with two hats and a cowl knit in Simplinatural by HiKoo®.

  • Get Lost Hat

    This slouchy patterned hat features some of the things we think of most with Alaska: stars, mountains, and of course a bear! The 6-ply strands of Simplinatural by HiKoo® will give your hat a cushy feel with excellent stitch definition. Add a pom-pom if that’s your jam. Inspiration from both Tanis Gray and Andrea Rangel.

  • Blue Hour Hat & Cowl

    Loosely inspired by the “blue hour” over Mt. Denali in Alaska, with a rippling lake at the base that reflects the pink morning breaking the night sky. Blue Hour is an exploration of textures, colors, and gauge precision. The accompanying hat pattern can be made with the remnants of the yarn used for the cowl pattern.

Recommended Yarn:

Simplinatural is made exclusively with the most extravagant natural fibers. Wool, Alpaca, and Silk are expertly blended to highlight the best of each fiber. Beautifully rounded 6-ply strands mean your knitting will have a cushy feel with excellent stitch definition. Rich, earthy primaries and nuanced neutrals will fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe.

What is in the tote kit?

Each tote kit contains one of each of the following:

- Alaska-inspired travel brochure (1)
- Alaska Themed patterns (3)
- Real Fruit Herbal Tea Bag (1)
-Alaskan Fireweed Honey Stick
-Alaskan Cruise Button (1)
WanderKnit™ project tag (1)

Color suggestions for each project are listed, or you can use your own imagination to create your own Alaska-inspired masterpiece!*

*Please note that this kit does not include yarn necessary for featured patterns, though the recommended color suggestions are shown bellow for inspirational purposes. Recommended yarn can be found through the links in the above description.