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Get your orders in for the next destination in the WanderKnit series! This quarter, you will be traveling to Bhutan!

What is WanderKnit™?

WanderKnit is a destination-themed knitting package, inspired by locations around the globe. Knitters will have a chance to learn a bit about each destination, while being treated to location-inspired patterns and surprises along the way. There will be new destinations each quarter, watch for where we'll travel next! Each destination will have a representative button which can be sewn onto your WanderKnit tote, much like a pin in a map!

A little bit about Bhutan:

The second WanderKnit™ package will take you on a journey through Bhutan. Located in the Himalayas of Asia, Bhutan is known for its natural beauty, rich traditions, Buddhist culture, and much more! This wondrous country is also ranked as one of the happiest places in the world! The three beautiful patterns are inspired by the colorful and intricately woven textiles of Bhutan.

Kits are limited, and the patterns are only available through the kits until October!

Tell me about the WanderKnit™ Bhutan designs!

Worked in CoBaSi DK, the featured patterns include:

  • Tashi Shawl

    Whether you wear it as a scarf, a shoulder wrap, or a shawl, this striking piece is sure to make a statement! It uses mosaic knitting with Bhutan-inspired patterning in six complimentary colors of CoBaSi DK.

  • Meshu Meshu Market Bag

    When offered food in Bhutan, it is considered courteous to refuse at least twice and saying "meshu meshu" while covering your mouth. This meshy tote is perfect for a trip to the local farmer’s market!

  • Jampa Socks

    The pattern design was inspired by the bold colors woven into traditional Bhutanese textiles. CoBaSi DK combines cotton, silk, bamboo, and nylon for a cool, lightweight sock suitable for all seasons.

Recommended Yarn:

CoBaSi DK is a DK-weight blend of 55% cotton, 16% bamboo, 8% silk, and 21% elastic nylon. Each colorful skein is 140 yards/50g of delight!

What is in the tote kit?

Each tote kit contains one of each of the following:

-WanderKnit™ Tote Bag (yarn not included in tote kit, must be purchased separately)
-Mandala button
-One copy of each pattern (three patterns total)
-WanderKnit™ project tag, to sew onto your finished project!
Prayer Flag Stitch Markers

-Tsheringma Tea 

Color suggestions for each project are listed, or you can use your own imagination to create your own Bhutan-inspired masterpiece!*

*Please note that this kit does not include yarn necessary for featured patterns, though the recommended color suggestions are shown bellow for inspirational purposes. Recommended yarn can be found through the links in the above description.