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Get your orders in for the next destination in the WanderKnit series! This quarter, you will be traveling to Morocco!

What is WanderKnit™?

WanderKnit is a destination-themed knitting package, inspired by locations around the globe. Knitters will have a chance to learn a bit about each destination, while being treated to location-inspired patterns and surprises along the way. There will be new destinations each quarter, watch for where we'll travel next! Each destination will have a representative button which can be sewn onto your WanderKnit tote, much like a pin in a map!

A little bit about Morocco:

Traveling through Morocco, we discover a country of diverse landscapes and cultures! In colors reminiscent of spice markets, the sharf, cowl, and mitts designs are each inspired by elements of Moroccan culture, including the “ogee” pattern. Explore these designs with soft, versatile Madrona by HiKoo®

Kits are limited, and the patterns are only available through the kits until December!

Tell me about the WanderKnit™ Morocco designs!

Worked in Madrona the featured patterns include:

  • Tadia Cowl

    This cowl features the intricate, geometric Ogee patterna pleasing flow of two continuous S-shaped curves that narrow and widen. The colors were inspired by Morocco’s Blue City, Chefchaouen, nicknamed “the blue pearl of Morocco.”

  • Barqia Mitts

    These mitts feature an undulating surface design that mimics the Ogee pattern with a simple cable that adorns the back portion of the design. Knit using the Magic Loop method, you can customize the length to your preference.

  • Zwina Sharf

    Reminiscent of hooded Moroccan kaftans, this long color-blocked shawl/scarf features carefully placed German Short Rows, so you can wear this piece as flowing neckwear, or pull the center up over your head like a hooded scarf.

Recommended Yarn:

Madrona is a fingering-weight blend of 30% alpaca, 30% wool, 20% bamboo, and 20% nylon. Each beautiful cake is an ample 402 yards/100g of cloud-like softness!

What is in the tote kit?

Each tote kit contains one of each of the following:

-WanderKnit™ Tote Bag (yarn not included in tote kit, must be purchased separately)
-Morocco-inspired travel brochures
-3 Morroco-inspired patterns
-A beautiful ceramic coaster inspired by Moroccan tilework
-A delicious Ras el Hanout spice packet
-WanderKnit™ project tags
-Turquoise Ogee-inspired coconut buttons 

Color suggestions for each project are listed in the patterns, or you can use your own imagination to create your own Morocco-inspired masterpiece!*

*Please note that this kit does not include yarn necessary for featured patterns, though the recommended color suggestions are shown bellow for inspirational purposes. Recommended yarn can be found through the links in the above description.