WanderKnit - Patagonia


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Get your orders in for the next destination in the WanderKnit series! This quarter, you will be traveling to Patagonia!

What is WanderKnit™?

WanderKnit is a destination-themed knitting package, inspired by locations around the globe. Knitters will have a chance to learn a bit about each destination, while being treated to location-inspired patterns and surprises along the way. There will be new destinations each quarter, watch for where we'll travel next! Each destination will have a representative button which can be sewn onto your WanderKnit tote, much like a pin in a map!

A little bit about Patagonia:

After trips to Holland, Bhutan, and Morocco, our bags are packed for our next destination, the highland South American region of Patagonia. It is the southernmost inhabited region in the world, home to rugged mountain peaks, massive glaciers, and plentiful wildlife including penguins and hardy highland sheep.

Kits are limited, and the patterns are only available through the kits!

Tell me about the WanderKnit™ Patagonia designs!

Patagonia is a region known for its rugged natural beauty and abundant wildlife. The two hats and the bandana cowl are shown in colors that reflect the land and seascapes of the area. Each piece, made with HiKoo Highland Lux, will keep you toasty and warm on your next outdoor adventure!

  • Mount Fitz Roy Hat

    Named after an explorer of the Patagonian coast, Mount Fitz Roy is one of the most appreciated mountain peaks worldwide. Inspired by the silhouette of this legendary peak, this colorwork cap features pointed ridges of colorwork reminiscent of a rugged mountain skyline.

  • Southern Andes Cap

    The Southern Andes are popular among independent, self-sufficient hikers, with easy-to-climb volcanoes, arid deserts, and some of the largest ice fields on earth. With a bit of stranded knitting and lots of texture, this hat inspired by the Southern Andes in heathered Highland Lux by HiKoo® is guaranteed to bring this diverse mountain-scape to life.

  • Grey Glacier Bandana Cowl

    This cozy two-toned bandana cowl features dots, ridges, and swooping stitches resonant of expansive Patagonian glaciers. The jagged landscape of these massive glaciers are reflected in the textural patterns and alternating tones of heathered Highland Lux by HiKoo®

Recommended Yarn:

Highland Lux Strong and soft, this Andean Highland Wool has just a touch of Kid Mohair, giving it just the right amount of soft halo.

What is in the tote kit?

Each tote kit contains one of each of the following:

- Patagonia-inspired travel brochures
- One copy of 3 Patagonia-inspired patterns
- Packets of Penguin Stitch Stoppers (2 per pack)
- Yerba Maté tea bags
WanderKnit™ project tags
- 15mm sheep buttons

Color suggestions for each project are listed, or you can use your own imagination to create your own Patagonia-inspired masterpiece!*

*Please note that this kit does not include yarn necessary for featured patterns, though the recommended color suggestions are shown bellow for inspirational purposes. Recommended yarn can be found through the links in the above description.