Cutie Pie Knits by Jody Long


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A softcover book featuring 9 baby designs using Jody Long yarn, My Little Sunshine. Book includes photos and instructions for fifteen patterns.

  • Adin & Rebeka Cardigan
  • Ashley Blanket
  • Darcie Dress
  • George Sweater
  • Jessica Cardigan
  • Khloe Cardigan
  • Liam Cardigan
  • Lucy Top
  • Ronnie Accessory Set

About the Author

Jody Long (1984) was born in Portsmouth, UK, grew up in Waterlooville, Hampshire, and moved to Malaga, Spain in 2014. For over ten years he designed for all the major UK and US knitting magazines, then moved on to design for knitting mills around the globe. Jody has also designed for celebrity clients. Jody has launched his own line of luxury yarns exclusive to Knitting Fever Inc and authored over 13 books.