Do you have a customer Rewards program?

We sure do! Our customers are our Stars here at Cowgirl Yarn, and that’s why we believe you should be rewarded for joining us on our journey of yarn, fiber, and fiber arts events. There’s only one requirement to be a Cowgirl Star: You must create an online account using your email and a password. It’s that easy.

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How do I get a Reward account?

It’s easy. Either click the link above, create an online account using the instructions below, or we can help you create an account when you make an in-store purchase. To create an online account, it’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. Click the account button in the upper right of your screen on the homepage.





2. Click the Register button on the right of your screen under the Create and Account title.







3. Enter your name, email, create a password, and click ‘Register’.

    Congratulations! You are now a Cowgirl Star!


    How can I earn Reward points?

    The Cowgirl Star Rewards program offers many different ways to earn rewards!

    • Sign up (200 Stars) – All you have to do is create an online account. It’s so simple! Just enter your email and password to start earning star rewards points. We are so happy you joined the world of CowgirlYarn that we will start you off with 100 points!
    • Purchases (1 Star for every $1 spent) – Just by buying the products you love, you earn reward points. For every $1 you spend, you will receive 1 point. (Does not apply to sales tax and shipping costs.) That's like earning 5% cash back!
    • Refer a Friend (50 Stars) – We sincerely hope that your experience with Cowgirl Yarn is so enjoyable that you will want to tell all your friends about us. If you do, and your friend places an order, you will get 50 Stars and your friend will receive a 10% off coupon.
    • Facebook Like (15 Stars) – You like us! You really like us!! And we really like you!!! That’s why you will get 15 Stars when you like Cowgirl Yarn on Facebook.
    • Instagram Follow (15 Stars) – Want to see all the fun and creative stuff going on at Cowgirl Yarn? Then follow Cowgirl Yarn on Instagram and you will get 15 Stars.
    • Celebrate a Birthday (200 Stars) – Everyone is special on their birthday and we mean to celebrate our Stars on their special day! Enter your birthday on your Cowgirl Star Rewards account and earn 200 stars.

    How do I enter my birthday in my account?

    It is easy! Log into your Cowgirl Star Rewards account and then select the Cowgirl Yarn Stars button in the bottom right of your screen.

    Next select the button in the pop-up window that says Ways to Earn:

    Graphic of ways to earn

    Next, select the button in the pop-up window that says Celebrate a Birthday: Edit Date.

    Graphic of how to add your birthday to Star rewards

    You will automatically be awarded 200 Stars on your birthday!


    How can I view my reward points balance?

    It’s easy to check your Stars balance. To do so, simply click the  "Cowgirl Star Rewards" button in the lower right and make sure you are logged in.

    Note: in order to earn stars, you must be signed up with a store account using an email and password (thereby making you a Cowgirl Star).


    How much are my rewards worth?

    300 Cowgirl Star Rewards can be redeemed for a $10 off coupon.  

    600 Cowgirl Star Rewards can be redeemed for a $25 off coupon.  

    900 Cowgirl Star Rewards can be redeemed for a $50 off coupon.   


    How do I redeem points for a reward?

    After earning at least 300 points you can begin to redeem your reward. Simply click the "Cowgirl Star Rewards" button in the lower right and make sure you are logged in. 

    Next choose "Ways to redeem" in the pop-up window. You will then be shown your rewards balance and a scroll bar to choose the number of points you would like to redeem. Once you have selected the number of points to redeem click "Redeem".

    Once you have clicked "Redeem" you will be shown a coupon code that will automatically be applied at checkout (only one discount code may be used during checkout) or you can save it for later.

    Did you forget your code? No problem! Check your email for the coupon in your inbox!


    How can I track my Stars?

    You can easily see which stars you have earned and redeemed by signing into your Cowgirl Stars Rewards account.

    Once the Panel has loaded, you can click on "Your rewards".

    The Your rewards card will show you a complete list of the rewards you have earned and redeemed through the Cowgirl Rewards program.


    How do I refer a friend?

    Simply click "Cowgirl Star Rewards" in the lower right of the Cowgirl Yarn homepage and make sure you are logged in. Now scroll to the "Refer your friend" section. You can copy the coupon link, share it via Facebook to your friend, or send them the email with the link. All of these options are available!


    Do I only earn rewards for online purchases?

    No. You will earn Stars for every dollar you spend both In-Store and Online. The one caveat is that you must provide your email at the register or when signing into your online account. By having an online account, you will be able track your points and rewards.


    I made a purchase without creating an account. Do I still earn points that can be redeemed?

    Yes you do! However, you cannot collect Stars until you create an account using an email and password (thereby making you a Cowgirl Yarn Star). 


    What other terms and conditions for rewards should I know about?

    -Rewards are not transferable to other customer accounts. Rewards from multiple accounts cannot be combined. Of course, if your email changes, just login to your account, update the email address and everything will now be associated with your new account.
    -You cannot redeem your rewards for cash. The rewards are only available to be used as account credits during new orders.
    -Rewards cannot be applied to previously existing orders. You can only use your rewards on new orders placed after the reward is earned.
    -We reserve the right to update and/or end this reward program at any time. If we need to end the program, rewards already created are still valid for 30 days.

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