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A sitting woman wearing a knitted sweater
$1.00 | $9.00
The book cover for "Wrapped in Lace" featuring a woman wearing a white knitted shawl, which says, "Knitted heirloom designs from around the world."
Woven Treasures weaving book
The book cover of "Wool Studio," which features a seated woman in a knitted, beige sweater.
$12.00 | $27.99
Winter Vibes by Jody Long
Blue and green jackalope hat pattern booklet
Wildness by Jody Long
Whimsical Woollies
The DVD cover for "Weaving Well:From Yarn to Cloth" featuring a close up of a in-progress weaving project
Weaving Explorer
Warm Little Knits
Diamond Warm Days by Jody Long
A woman wearing a knitted hat
$5.00 | $10.50
A woman wearing a knitted sweater
$5.00 | $12.50
Vivaldi by Jody Long
Book cover for "Vintage Gifts to Knit," featuring a woman in knitted gloves, hat and scarf
Vintage Designs to Knit
$15.00 | $24.95
Vintage designed by Martin Storey
Vintage Design Workshop