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HomeSpinning & Weaving
We don't only cater to knitters and crocheters! We also have fiber supplies for spinners, felters, and weavers, too. Cowgirl Yarn has a huge selection of fleeces, top, roving, raw fiber, yarn cones, and recycled silks that are ideal for your spinning and weaving needs, alongside various tools and equipment. 
Maysville 8/2 Cotton 1/2lb Tube
Shuttle Stick by Bruce
Schacht Cricket Loom
Schacht Lilli Loom
Fibercation Roving Fiber
Alpaca Color Blend Roving 4 oz
Bond Brown Washed Fleece
$35.00 | $60.00
Icelandic Brown - Top
Photo of a cone of off-white mercerized cotton 10/2 yarn
Polwarth White Top