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About Us

What started over a humble cup of coffee and a few crochet stitches has grown into the fiber lover’s dream store and educational space, Cowgirl Yarn and The Fernwood Studio

Located in Historic Downtown Laramie, Cowgirl Yarn--est. 2005 and The Fernwood Studio--est 2017, has put a special emphasis on education and local products. Through stocking locally grown and made items, along with tried and true favorites from around the world, as well as teaching classes in spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, dyeing and so much more, we have crafted a community of eager fiber loving friends and cheerleaders that help us make Cowgirl Yarn a one of a kind place.

We hope you’ll join us for a class, a few stitches, or even just a cup of coffee next time you’re in Laramie.

Meet our Team

Lori Kirk--Owner, Fiber Wrangler
When Lori Kirk opened Cowgirl Yarn in 2005, it began as just a hobby. She had crocheted for a few years prior to opening the doors of Cowgirl Yarn but didn’t learn to knit till the shop had been in business for a year. Lori's daughters then intervened and taught her to knit and purl, a skill that they had learned from Lori's mother who is an avid knitter and seamstress.
As internationally known  instructors visited the shop and the fiber community Lori created began to grow,  she was then able to dive into the fiber arts completely and picked up needle felting, Nuno felting, weaving and so much more along the way. Now, this once hobby has turned into a true passion and her goal is to provide a space where all can feel welcome and able to practice the fiber arts in whatever way makes them happy.
Maureen Johnson--Yarniac, Instructor
Growing up in a rural Illinois town left Maureen with nowhere to go and not much to do. That idle time gave her endless hours to search through her mother’s and grandmothers’ collections of fabric, yarn, embroidery threads, macrame beads and all other myriad of fiber arts supplies. Their materials and craft book libraries gave her new skills to learn and explore whenever she wanted.
Many of these fiber arts skills have followed her into adulthood and have continued to deepen as she searches for new techniques and things to learn. Now, as an instructor at Cowgirl Yarn Maureen is able to share her knowledge as well as learn new fiber art pursuits from the very best instructors Cowgirl Yarn's community has to offer. 
Benjamin Streeter--The Knit Doctor, Instructor
Benjamin Streeter is an avid knitter and spinner and teaches classes in knitting, spinning, crocheting, and many other fiber arts at Cowgirl Yarn. He has been knitting for about 15 years and has been spinning for over 5 years. Knitting and spinning are not his only fortes, as a sewer and tailor, you may see his name grace the pages of the UW Theater Department productions. He is currently a graduate student at UW focusing his research on historical clothing and textiles. 
Originally from Buffalo, New York, Ben moved here with his partner in the winter of 2016. He loves Laramie and has found a new home here with the welcoming support of the Cowgirl Yarn Family.
Dorothy Tuthill--Master Weaver, Instructor
Dorothy’s fascination with fibers began as child, making God’s eyes at summer camp. An accomplished knitter and spinner, Dorothy’s passion is weaving, an art she learned 40 years ago. Though perfectly capable of monochromatic weaving, she much prefers to use multiple colors. Her profession as a botanist and mycologist informs her color decisions—because all colors and color combinations are found in the natural world!
Diane 'Dee' Brewer--Cowgirl Yarn Champion, Ravelry Liason

 Life has given Dee many wonderful craft teachers – her mothers (if your mom is an identical twin you get two moms), grandmothers, aunts, friends, professional fiber artists.  Since learning to knit around age five, though never quite figuring out how to purl, cast on or bind off until years later, she has dabbled in sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, candle wicking, tatting, crochet, spinning, and weaving. Dee finds inspiration every time she walks through the door of Cowgirl Yarn, which she believes is far more than a “yarn store” – it’s creative community that welcomes everyone to come and learn, experience, share, and grow.