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Simple Woven Garments

Simple Woven Garments

Author: Sara Goldenberg & Jane Patrick

Simple Woven Garments is both a pattern book and an idea book for creating uncomplicated woven shapes and turning them into highly wearable, everyday fashions. You will enjoy classic woven styles and nods to today's style trends in a collection of 20 woven garments (and 4 variations) for the "what's next" weaver. 

This guide will help you create fabric that is easy to weave, and above all, beautiful when made into a garment. Authors Sara Goldenberg and Jane Patrick explore topics in weaving techniques such as shaping, selvedges and, doubling threads, as well as techniques for working with handwoven fabrics, such as cutting neck holes. Shapes are kept simple and the sewing is minimal. 

You will enjoy weaving patterns to create garments including wraps and tops, ranging from easy shawls with a twist to woven sweater. Woven squares, rectangles, and strips are assembled into easy-sew garments with minimal constructions and finishing. 

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