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Inventive Weaving On Little Loom $29.95
Iris Schreier's Reversible Knits Sold Out
Itty Bitty Hats $19.95
Kid's Knitting Workshop $15.95
Knit A Dozen Plus Slippers $8.95
Knit Along with Debbie Macomber $12.95
Knit Beanies $19.99
Knit Christmas Stockings  $12.95
Knit Great Basics $29.95
Knit in New Directions $24.95
Knit Kimono too $26.95
Knit Like a Latvian Sold Out
Knit Mitts $23.99
Knit One Below  $19.95
Knit One Embellish Too  $23.00
Knit One, Felt Too $18.95
Knit Scarves!  $14.95
Knit So Fine $24.95
Knit Stitch Dictionary $22.99
Knit Superheroes! $22.99
Knit to Flatter $24.95
Knit Wear Love $24.95
Knitopedia $34.95
Knits for Girls and Young Juniors $19.95
Knits from the Heart of Norway Sold Out
Knits from the Hearts $22.95
Knits Three Ways  $32.50
Knits, Knots, Buttons, and Bows $24.95
Knitted Critters $19.95
Knitted Lace Of Estonia w DVD $26.95
Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet $26.95
Knitter's Know-How $28.99
Knitting Architecture $24.95
Knitting Around  $32.00
Knitting Classic Style $27.50
Knitting Fabric Rugs $18.95
Knitting For Peace  $19.95
Knitting for Two $19.95
Knitting Gansey DVD $29.00
Knitting Ganseys- Paperback $25.00