JUL Hummingbird - Oxbow Double-Wrap Charm Lock Cuff


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The Oxbow Charm Lock is a flexible component that can be used to create shawl cuffs, jewelry, or other creative closures that can accommodate decorative charms or be used without additional adornment.  While we pair the Serpentine with our Snap-on Cuff Straps to create elegant cuffs that work for knitwear and wrists, they work equally well with our Simple Snap Double-wrap cuffs.

The Charm may be added to the Filigree Charm Lock Shawl Pin, the Oxbow Charm Lock Cuff, the Serpentine Charm Lock Cuff, or used on its own in a creative way you devise!  

Oxbow Element width - 1.75 inches

Oxbow Element height - 1.125 inches

Hummingbird Charm width - 2.125 inches

Hummingbird Charm height - 2 inches

Strap width - .5 inches

Finished Cuff length - approximately 14 inches

Cuff weight - .6 ounces