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Mindful Collection "Believe" Lace Needle Interchangeable 5" Set

From The Mindful Collection from Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Lace Needle Tip Set

The Mindful Collection interchangeable circular needle tips are manufactured from Stainless Steel material that is durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly & recyclable.

Inspirational words, (ex: Imagine, Believe, Focus) on each needle size, are clearly visible.

Our Interchangeable needles have the advantage of a swivel top rotary mechanism, 
Believe Set: 5 tips, US sizes 2.5 to 8, 2 Swivel Cords and 2 fixed cords (24 and 32 for each), fabric teal case, 4 end caps, 2 cord keys, 1 set of cord connectors, 1 needle gauge, 2 darning needles, 10 locking stitch markers, 10 split stitch markers, 30 round stitch markers.

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