River Scarf and Stole by Fiber Trends


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Designed by Evelyn A. Clark, the River Scarf and Stole features a border of eyelet grass and rows of lace that ripple like a river through the length of this lace-weight scarf and wrap. The end edges are cast off in a simple scalloped picot lace, which is designed to create symmetrical lace edges at each end while avoiding extra yarn ends to weave in. 

Blocked Size:
Scarf: 10" wide and 50" long.
Wrap: 20" wide and 70" long.

Yarn: Lace-weight yarn
Scarf: 2 oz (620 yds)

Wrap: 4 oz (1240 yds)


  • This is a physical pattern.
  • Adjust the length of your shawl or scarf by adding or subtracting row repeats.