Fibercation Crystal Bead Bracelets


Only 2 left!

Size: 7"
Rachelle from Fibercation was in the shop a few weeks ago.  I admired the beautiful bracelets that she was wearing.  She shared that she made them.  We chatted about creating bracelets with our customers in mind. Each bracelet is made with the earth's natural stone minerals, colors of beads may vary slightly.  
Believe in You- Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli & Moss Agate; Sally's Yarn
You are an incredible being and it's time for you to own your worth!  Find courage and step into your power.  Access ease in communication to speak your truth.  Let go of negative thoughts you think about yourself and access emotional healing. Find relief by just being YOU!
Community Love- Rhodonite Pink Opal, Unakite & Rose Quartz Crystals; Lennon's Yarn
Find healing in community and spread the love!  The relationships we develop within our communities inspire us, comfort us and allow us to open our hearts.  Allow yourself to receive emotional support and find peace and healing in a communal space.  Access clear and loving communication as well as compassion and acceptance.  Relax your heart and let your community hold you.  

Cowgirl Yarn- Epidote, Yellow Aventurine, Citrine & Smoky Quartz Crystals; Ferdy's Yarn
Find joy as you see the world from a new, creative perspective as abundance flows!  It's time to manifest your passions and clear negative energy from your aura.  Release what is no longer serving you and find hope in the future.  Raise your vibration and discover freedom in mental clarity.  

Peaceful Creativity- Selenite, Snow Flake Obsidian, Labradorite & Howlite Crystals; Theo's Yarn
When we are at peace, we open ourselves up to create without question!  Expand your consciousness and honor your intuition by expressing yourself through art.  Discover your inner strength and deflect negative thoughts that may stunt your creativity.  Find a clear path while creating your next masterpiece.  

Bracelet are made in Wyoming by Rachelle with
6mm Beads
Alpaca Yarn Tassel