A Weaver's Garden


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Author: Rita Buchanan

Every year the number of serious weavers increases. Every season finds new arts and crafts exhibits of weaving, and handwoven fabrics are now readily available in many fashionable department stores and boutiques. Weaving, along with a few other crafts, has present proven itself to be a permanent part of the professional craft scene. The need for information on how to design and create weaving is greater than ever, and this book makes an important addition to any weaver's library. The book presents a structured method for studying drafting as a design tool, along with the technical and aesthetic aspects of color and design as they apply to all types of weaving. This book is an excellent self-study guide that will help any weaver approach a design problem with less intimidation and be able to create many unique and personal woven statements.

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Sixth Printing, Hardcover

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