Afton by Brooklyn Tweed

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Scarves and wraps often serve as ideal blank canvases for the exploration of captivating stitch patterns. Afton was born out of a desire to bedeck a simple, wearable shape with the intricate allover patterning of delicately textured lace and cable motifs. Designed with thoughtful details (a Tubular Cast On, broken rib hems, and flat cord selvedges) and written with instructions for working three widths with Peerie, Loft held double, or Shelter, Afton is one to take on for the pure enjoyment of creating beautiful fabrics to wrap up in. 


Fingering Weight (Held Singly)
5 (8, 17) skeins Brooklyn Tweed Peerie (100% American Merino Wool; 210 yards/50 grams)

Fingering Weight (Held Double)
5 (9, –) skeins Brooklyn Tweed Loft (100% American Targhee-Columbia wool; 275 yards/50 grams)

Worsted Weight
– (–, 11) skeins Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (100% American Targhee-Columbia Wool; 140 yards/50 grams)

Fingering Weight (Held Singly)
1030 (1520, 3425) yards of fingering-weight wool yarn

Fingering Weight (Held Double)
Approximately 1210 (2420, –) yards of fingering-weight wool yarn

Worsted Weight
Approximately – (–, 1540) yards of worsted-weight wool yarn


  • This is a physical pattern.
  • The stitch patterns in this scarf include charted instructions only.
  • The fingering-weight, held singly sample is photographed in color Norway (Wide Scarf).
  • The fingering-weight, held double sample is photographed in colors Homemade Jam (Regular Scarf) and Fossil (Wide Scarf).
  • The worsted-weight sample is photographed in color Soot (Wrap).