Baby Alpaca Fawn Top


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Alpaca is considered to be a luxury fibre. The Alpaca is a camelid (related to camels) like the Llama. It produces a fairly fine, soft fibre in varying natural hues from white through to fawn, to browns, and grey to black. This fibre has been used for centuries in woven fabrics and vast amounts were imported to Europe for use in suiting.

The main producing area are the mountainous South American countries of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, but animals have been successfully bred more recently in other countries, on a smaller scale. This trend is rising but production is rather limited at present, with no real discernible difference in quality. It is a warm fibre and its quality varies from fine to very coarse. It is difficult to dye particularly in dark colours.

A warm, soft luxury fibre with a natural crimp and soft lustre.

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