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Bevel by Brooklyn Tweed

Playful, striking, or purposeful — your palette choice will determine the mood of this chevron scarf. Bevel can be worked in Loft for lightweight warmth or in Arbor for greater drape and heft as well as a larger size. The pattern calls for three contrast colors, but using scraps in a gradient or as bright accents opens up limitless possibilities.


Fingering Version:
Brooklyn Tweed Loft (100% American Targhee-Columbia wool; 275 yards/50 grams)
2 skeins of Color 1 (C1); 1 skein each of Color 2 (C2), Color 3 (C3), and Color 4 (C4)

DK Version:
Brooklyn Tweed Arbor (100% American Targhee wool; 145 yards/50 grams)
3 skeins of Color 1 (C1); 2 skeins each of Color 2 (C2), Color 3 (C3), and Color 4 (C4)

Fingering Version: 475 yards C1; 245 yards C2; 195 yards C3; 190 yards C4 of fingering-weight wool yarn
DK Version: 435 yards C1; 250 yards C2; 220 yards C3; 200 yards C4 of DK-weight wool yarn


  • This is a physical pattern.
  • The DK version shown here is photographed in colors Thaw (C1), Fleet (C2), Sashiko (C3), Dorado (C4).
  • The fingering version shown here is photographed in colors Truffle Hunt (C1), Old World (C2), Faded Quilt (C3), & Flannel (C4) and Woodsmoke (C1), Hayloft (C2), Cinnabar (C3), & Long Johns (C4).

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