Clover Needle Felting Mat Small


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Smooth punching on brush-like mat. Exclusively for use with the Needle Felting Tool.

What is Punching Applique?
Punching applique is an applique technique that does not require and thread or glue. Place the applique over the base fabric and pierce lightly with the Needle Felting Tool. The fibers will become interlaced, attacheding the motif to the fabric beautifully.

The brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows the fibers of the applique to mesh well with the base fabric. (Insert the needles vertically to avoid breaking them.)
The bristle length provides the ideal hardness and density for punching. (The needles should not touch the base.)

Stay in the center of the mat as much as possible. Avoid inserting the Needle Felting Tool beyond the edges of the mat. Breakage or injury could result.