Cover Up With Nicky Epstein 

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Author: Nicky Epstein

Nicky Epstein—whose blockbuster Edge books have sold more than 125,000 copies—presents a treasury of fabulous knitted afghans, and it’s sure to become another hit for this always-popular author. These masterpieces of imagination and technical skill, taken from her personal collection, range from the elegant to the truly fantastic: they’ll absolutely enthrall and inspire Epstein’s many fans, and knitters everywhere. Those who favor simplicity will love the gorgeously monochromatic White Sampler, done in beautiful relief stitches, as well as a blue Wedgewood Afghan. For knitters who like to walk on the wilder side, and work with vibrant colors, there’s the irresistibly intricate intarsia of a Musical Afghan, or the detailed panels of the Twelve Days of Christmas.