Knitted Wit HerStory 2024: Man Kaur - Blue Lotus


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Unfurl a Story with Every Stitch: A Year of Blooms & Remarkable Women

This year, Knitted Wits’ HerStory yarn club takes a vibrant turn, weaving together the beauty of flowers and the inspiring stories of remarkable women. 

Every month, a new blossom takes center stage, inspiring a stunning hand-dyed colorway.

But the story doesn’t stop there. Knitted wit has also chosen a captivating woman that emulates the month’s featured flower to celebrate through their HerStory program. 

This Month’s HerStory Features:

Flower: Blue Lotus

Woman: Man Kaur

Love Letter:  July Love Letter

Knitted Wit’s HerStory goes far beyond just beautiful yarn though. They also give us an opportunity to delve deeper into each of these women’s stories. Every month they write a new article that lets us discover her achievements, contributions to the world, and the parallels between her spirit and this month’s flower. Read more about them both [here].

A Year of Inspiration Awaits

This year, let your needles bloom with creativity and purpose. With 12 unique flowers, 12 inspiring stories, and 12 breathtaking colorways, this year’s HerStory journey promises to be your most vibrant and enriching crafting experience yet! 

Don’t forget to check back each month for the latest reveal! 

Technical Specifications:
Fiber Content: 80% Superwash Merino Wool/ 20% Nylon
Yarn Weight: Fingering/Sock
Physical Weight: 115g
Yardage: 420 yards
Care: Machine Wash, Dry Flat
Country Of Origin: USA

*Heads-Up, Pard! 

Just like any good project, a little preparation goes a long way. Since each colorway of Knitted Wit yarn is hand-dyed and limited edition, be sure to order enough to complete your project right from the start. That way, you can ensure your creation has a beautiful and consistent flow of color. 

If you need help figuring out how much yarn you need for a project or have any questions, email us (, call (307-755-9276), or stop by the shop. We’re always happy to help!