Making Marls


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Making Marls is a ground-breaking, lushly illustrated, and beautifully made book about multi-strand handknitting and the creation of marled fabrics. The technique is as simple as knitting multiple strands of yarn together. With this approach, any knitter can invent a vast number of textured and colored fabrics. As with her first book, Sequence Knitting, Cecilia Campochiaro takes a systematic look at a subject that has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. In Making Marls, the word sequence is used to describe the order of marl stripes, rather than the stitch sequences in Sequence Knitting. There are common-strand sequences, bridging sequences, sequences from gradient sets, complex sequences, and even improvisational sequences. The book can be approached on three levels: 1. A reference book about multi-strand handknitting 2. A pattern book with over thirty recipes 3. A source book for designers and knitters who want to work with many colors. Regardless of whether one is new to knitting or a seasoned expert, this book will delight and inspire.