On Hold! Stitch Holder Cords


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Color: Sparkle Clear/ Sparkle Gold
Sparkle Clear/ Sparkle Gold
On Hold! Stitch Holder Cords color Green/Blue/Yellow
On Hold! Stitch Holder Cords color Pinks and Purple

You will never loose your stitches again! The On Hold customizable stitch holder cords hold live stitches of sleeves or body of a sweater until you are ready to work them. Try top-down garments on while you make them, thanks to the handy dandy connectors that customize each cord's length 24" to beyond. PLUE they are latex free and made in Massachusetts, USA!


  • Two (2) 24" Cords
  • One (1) 32" Cord
  • One (1) 47" Cord
  • Four (4) Connectors
  • Three (3) metal stitch markers
  • You will find that every size cord is a different color to help keep track of what you're using them for. 

Bonus! You can fit either the 2- 24" or 1 of either the 32" or 47" right into the back of your Knit Kit!  Secret tip use one of the larger stitch markers to hold them in place or try your hand at some knot-tying skills to keep them wrapped!