Prym Ergonomics Needles - Double Pointed 8"


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Size: US 1 (2.50 mm)

The prym ergonomics double-pointed knitting needles turn the knitting of stockings, socks sleeves and gloves into a circular affair. The knitting needles are made from high quality high-performance synthetic material are easy to bend and extremely quiet to use. The drop-shaped points make it easier to pick up and guide the yarn and the yarn does not slide so quickly from the point. The special shape of the shaft, which goes from a round to a triangular form, allows the stitches to glide along the needle shaft without the knitter having to stop and push them along. The needle gauge is clearly marked centrally on the needle. These innovative double-pointed knitting needles have been developed and manufactured to meet the exact needs of the user.


Material: High-performance synthetic material
Special details: Drop-shaped points and a triangular shaft
Length: 8 inches
Country of origin: Germany