Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hook


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Size: US C (3.00 mm)
US C (3.00 mm)
US E (3.50 mm)
US G (4.00 mm)
US 7 (4.50 mm)
US H (5.00 mm)
US J (6.00 mm)
US L (8.00 mm)
US M (9.00 mm)
US N (10.00 mm)
US O (12.00 mm)
US P (15.00 mm)
The Prym Ergonomics wool crochet hook range has been designed to provide hours of comfortable crochet without hand fatigue! Each hook is made from a lightweight high-performance plastic in an ergonomic shape with hand grip, featuring a high-gloss polished hook to ensure that your stitches glide effortlessly over the hook. The Prym Ergonomics wool crochet hooks are available in various sizes, with each size colour-coded at the end of the grip.