Quincy by Brooklyn Tweed

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Quincy is a unique, textured hat made with a Möbius twist and is deceptively simple to knit. The main portion of Quincy is worked as a flat strip of garter stitch, which is knit back-and-forth with built-in I-cord on both sides. When this piece reaches a sufficient length, the fabric is given a half-twist ,and the ends are then grafted together using Kitchener stitch. You will now have a bius strip from which you will pick up crown stitches. Crown shaping is worked traditionally in the round from this point onward to close the top


1 skein Brooklyn Tweed Quarry (100% American Targhee-Columbia Wool; 200 yards/100 grams)

120 yards of chunky-weight wool yarn


  • This is a physical pattern.
  • The sample is photographed in color Obsidian.