Spirt of the South West Shawl by Fiber Trends


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Designed by Evelyn A. Clark, the Spirt of the South West Shawl features an edging of squash blossoms, butterflies that flutter in the sunlight above mountains, rows of corn, and a river where nearby rabbits play in the grass. Knitted in garter stitch lace from the center back neck down, the side edges are bound off in the lace edging, and the top is finished with an I-cord. 

Blocked Size:

Approx 43" (109 cm) deep and 90" (229 cm) across top.


Approximately 1200 yds (1097m) of lace-weight yarn.


  • This is a physical pattern.
  • For a smaller shawl, go down a needle size for a slightly tighter gauge. This will use slightly less yarn.