Toe2Toe Sock Knitting Tool


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Toe2Toe Knitting tool, new design created by A Needle Runs Through It!

Use this handy tool to measure your socks, hat or sleeves while you're knitting. You can use it to measure the foot of your sock whether you're knitting them toe up or cuff down.
The toe2toe knitting tool was designed and created with lots of care and attention to detail.
Makes a great gift for a knitter or crocheter.

-Sock needle gauge from US 00 to 2.5, measurements on cm included
-Ruler measure 10" x 2.5", or 12" perfect size to fit inside your knitting bag
-Use it to measure the length in hats or sleeves and socks
-2" gauge window
-Kitchener Stitch and Stretchy Bind Off Instructions on the back
-Made by me with my state of the art professional laser cutter
-Made from Recycled wood
-Ruler Markings are in metric and imperial
-one inch markings on the back for fast and easy measuring
-4" measuring ruler and 10 cm measuring ruler on the back to check your gauge.