Tronstad Ranch Hand Painted Sport Weight - Mountains + Sky 6.2 oz


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Fun Fact: This yarn has never left the state of Wyoming. The Tronstad family takes care of all aspects of our flock, including shearing, picking, and carding, to give you the highest quality wool.  The Fiber is processed at Mountain Meadows Wool Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming.  Once it returns to Laramie, the Tronstad's hand paint the yarn.  Each skein is unique as the sheep it comes from and Wyoming that the sheep are raised in.  If you want to create a project that needs more yardage than we have, Lusha will hand paint to your yardage specifications. Please allow 3-4 weeks for Lusha to dye to your order.

Sport Weight

Hank is ~626 yards, 6.2 oz

The Tronstad Ranch is located in Laramie, Wyoming