Tronstad Ranch One of a Kind Rolag - Antique Rose 9.2 oz


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Antique Rose 9.2 oz

White Base wool is from Ramsey, the Tronstad Teeswater Ram.  He is incredible! Spins like butter!

This rolag is prepared by hand by Lusha Tronstad from the Tronstad Ranch and features Border Leicester and Teeswater sheep. Super clean wool from covered fleeces. Each rolag is unique and one of a kind. 


  • This fiber has never left the state of WYOMING. The Tronstad family takes care of all aspects of our flock, including shearing, picking, and carding, to give you the highest quality wool. Each skein is unique as the sheep it comes from and Wyoming that the sheep are raised in. The Tronstad Ranch is located in Laramie, Wyoming.